Answers to frequently asked questions about artificial turf...

1Is there a warranty?
Yes, we offer a one year warranty on installation and 15 years warranty on turf. Please contact us for further details and specifics.
2Is turf environmentally friendly and safe?
Yes, the polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon fibers have no traceable amounts of lead and are also made of a recyclable material.
3Does synthetic grass make good sports fields?
Yes, synthetic sport fields are taking over the entire professional and amateur sporting world. (soccer, football, baseball fields and putting greens).
4Do I have to worry about sharing areas with pets?
No, we use a special infill that counteracts the ammonia from urine, eliminates odor and bacteria.
5Is the upkeep minimal?
Yes, you can use a leaf blower to remove any debris that may have landed on your new lawn. A garden hose is good to wash off any dust or dirt that accumulates. An occasional raking will help keep blades bold and attentive.
6Is grass handicap friendly?
Yes, it will not stick or sink while using crutches and wheel chairs roll easily.
7Is drainage a problem?
No, water drains right through turf and into the ground due to perforations in the backing.
8What is the infill used for?
Infill is to replicate soil when walked on and holds grass blades upright. Rubber infill adds fall protection with more buoyancy. Infill is chosen by use of grass.
9Are there any rebates?
Yes, depending on where you live. Due to water conservation see SoCal Watersmart’s website.
10How much is artificial grass?
On Sale until June 30th, 2016 for $8.00 per sqft.

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