Artificial Turf for Dogs & Pet Turf System

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial turf for dogs or what some call fake grass for dogs, whatever you call it, each and every pet turf installation is unique. There is no doubt Synthetic grass will beautify your home, but the most important aspect of this type of installation is the performance. Unlike many synthetic grass companies, AGSGrass understands that pet urine can and will create unwanted odors that will turn your new synthetic lawn into an unpleasant experience. This is why it is important to make sure the urine does not bond with the turf backing. The AGSGrass Pet System utilizes a five step process to drastically curtail odor issues by focusing on aeration, drainage, neutralization and of course beauty.

Each step of our system compliments the other to create the perfect combination for great looking and fresh smelling artificial grass. From our antibacterial Durafill, urine neutralizing ATD, UV stabilized Pet Turf, perforated Drain Core to our non-toxic Turf Fresh this system was designed to meet the needs of pet owners. Whether you have one small pet or a whole family of large animals the Turf Core Drain System is exactly what you need.

All of the products in our system have been tested and are safe not only for your pet, but also the environment and most importantly you.

Keep your Pet Turf clean with Turf Fresh

Pet Turf Maintenance

Turf Fresh does just that–it keeps your pet turf fresh! It’s the perfect solution for pet owners who want to avoid lingering smells caused by their furry friends. When applied directly to your artificial grass, Turf Fresh’s active enzymes break down odor-causing bacteria hiding in the turf. It’s an organic solution that’s safe for pets, children and the whole family. Keep your pet turf smelling pleasant with Turf Fresh!

Draincore, works great with Pet Grass.

Synthetic Pet Grass

Draincore ensures adequate drainage for your synthetic pet turf. It came to the forefront of turf technology in replacement of stone and metal pipes. Draincore is a perforated backing that provides an additional drain system to our already perforated turf. The water will flow through this backing at a significantly higher rate than a pipe or stone drain system and is significantly easier to install.

Pet Turf
Pet Grass

Artificial Turf for Dogs

Our Pet Turf or Pet Grass is designed for comfort and utmost durability with thatch composition. It can thus withstand moderate to heavy traffic for rough play and performance. This product’s backing is coated with polyurethane for added strength.

Pet Friendly

Fake Grass for Dogs

DURAFILL is the latest technology in infill product for synthetic grass. The following are some of the many benefits of Durafill; Animal Urine and other external elements are not absorbed, which eliminates building bacterial spores within the infill product. Durafill does not degradate over time and does not need repeated applications. Durafill does not become blistering hot in the heat which would otherwise cause more heat by transfer to the synthetic grass. Durafill is environmentally safe and does not contain silica dust, zinc or heavy metals.

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